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Independent Certified Instructor in Jacksonville, Florida
Baby Signs Institute
Parent Workshop
Sign, Say & PlayTM
Benefits of Signing with Your Baby
  • Reduces Frustration and Builds Trust
  • Allows Babies to Share His/Her World
  • Strengthens the Parent/Infant Bond
  • Promotes Positive Emotional Development
  • Boosts Baby's Self-Confidence
  • Helps Babies Learn to Talk
  • Jumpstarts Intellectual Development

Host a Parent Workshop in your own home, and get yours for free!

Interested in learning more about the Baby Signs® Program? Know friends that might be interested in learning more about it too? Hosting a Parent Workshop is the way to get started with the Baby Signs® Program and have fun at the same time. If you invite two friends, you can qualify as a host!

PLUS, by hosting a Parent Workshop in your home, you will receive a $10 discount off for each paid friend that attends! Cost for a workshop is $60.  Invite 5 friends and your enrollment would be FREE!!  Or you could recieve Baby Signs® product credit in the amount of $10 per paying friend that attends.

To schedule a Parent Workshop, simply call (904)981-2711 or email today!

Now available in Jacksonville and North-east Florida: Baby Signs® by Rosie MacLean's Kidactivities offers in-home private Parent Workshops and Sign, Say & PlayTM classes
Rosie MacLean is an independent certified instructor for the Baby Signs Institute, an early childhood education professional with an in depth background in child development, and over 23 years working with children ages 0-5 years. She has extensive experience working with parents and their children in a home visit setting. To be the best possible instructor, she stays current with the latest research on baby brain development, helping to promote nurturing, caring and bonding between parents and their children.
sign for drink sign for eat
"drink" "eat"
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